BuzzFeed News Tackles Alternative Storytelling

BuzzFeed is always on top of popular trends when it comes to storytelling. It explores new ways to tell its stories through various mediums. BuzzFeed News has experimented with many forms of alternative storytelling and has crafted its storytelling in a way that works to its advantage to reach its large, mostly millennial demographic.

BuzzFeed News often utilizes listicles to tell its stories — “BuzzFeed” and “listicles” often go hand-in-hand — but BuzzFeed News has done so much more. The form of alternative storytelling that I appreciate the most is the use of Instagram stories to tell the news and promote BuzzFeed’s content.

On Instagram, everyday BuzzFeed News takes at least one story and tells it through the lens of an Instagram story. For example:

IMG_5125.PNG  IMG_5127.PNG

And then the story goes on to tell the top five items — phone, ring, keys, wallet and glasses — and continues:


On the third example, Instagram users were given the option to swipe up at the bottom of the page to read more…


That then linked the user to a full BuzzFeed News story in a new window. (Which is a typical, on-brand BuzzFeed listicle.)




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