NewsTrack 6: Breaking News from BuzzFeed

It was actually kind of difficult to find concrete examples of BuzzFeed News’ breaking news stories, which I found shocking since BuzzFeed News is a leader in news, especially for younger audiences. As I write this, breaking news occurred so I will highlight BuzzFeed’s current handling of Senate Democrats filibusteringSupreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

First, I would like to point out that BuzzFeed News tends to stray away from label their stories as “breaking.” On Twitter, however, they will lead their tweet with “BREAKING.”

Interestingly, on Facebook and on the BuzzFeed News website stories are not labeled “breaking.” Instead, they are just shared. But regarding Facebook, BuzzFeed News likes to utilize the Facebook Live feature. In this particular instance the the outlet knew something monumental would most likely happen, which isn’t necessarily breaking, but the outlet is still covering it like a breaking news story. It is streaming live from the U.S. Capitol via C-Span on Facebook, and updating viewers by commenting on its own video with important comments.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 11.40.31 AM.png

Further, and perhaps most importantly, there is a BuzzFeed News app for accessible news reading real-time push notifications for breaking news; I think an app with push notifications is a great way to ensure readers and users and receiving news since everyone checks the notification on their phones. Unfortunately as this story unfolded, I missed the push notification that comes up on the lock screen. But, if a user opens the app there is a “quickly catch up” section that featured the breaking news story, as well as an “alerts” tab that has an “alert stream” that shows all the notifications the app pushed out. (Pictured below)

Overall, I am very happy with the BuzzFeed News app, but disappointed in the handling of breaking news among other platforms.



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