Measuring The Trump Effect: How he sows mistrust in the media

For my final project, I decided to write my commentary on how President Donald Trump denounces the media. My project, published on Shorthand Social and embedded below, looks at the different ways Trump has attacked the media, social media trends and fake news, and how all of that has lead to an all-time-low in American’s trust in journalists and the media. What does this mean for journalists? Take a look for yourself:


Video: The Daily Free Press

For this video assignment, I chose to spotlight The Daily Free Press and the Managing Editor, Candice Lim. Below, Lim explains her duties as Managing Editor and discusses her passion for the FreeP and the people that make it possible.

To shoot this video, I used my iPhone 6S, and to edit I used iMovie. While filming, I did not encounter any challenges except the lighting of the FreeP office was not very flattering, so I had to make sure my camera angles did not hit the light the wrong way.

Spring Break 2017

This year, I went back to Medford, New Jersey for spring break. I was definitely at the point in the semester where I just wanted to be at home and with my family, so it came at the perfect time for me. Unfortunately, none of my friends from home had spring breaks that lined up with mine, so I was rather uneventful.

One of my and my mom’s favorite things to do together is going to New York City for the day, explore and then see a show. I recapped my day on Wednesday, March 8 on Instagram for my followers to see what my mom and I were up to in the city. Enjoy!

GALLERY: Warm weather welcomes new modes of transportation for BU students

The month of February brought Boston it’s first snow storm of the year as well as record-breaking weather highs; February 23 – 26 featured temperatures in the 60s.

Travel down Commonwealth Avenue to see how Boston University students embraced the abnormal weather while heading to and from class.

Photos by Christy Osler